How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Session Take?

November 30, 2023

If the thought of sitting on your dentist’s chair for a cleaning session makes you jittery, there is no need to fret. It is quite common to feel this way, but we can assure you that skipping the appointment is not right. Your dental cleaning won’t take long; it does not hurt, and you will be on your way in no time! If you haven’t had one yet, here’s what to expect on the D-day.

Understanding Dental Cleaning and Its Duration

So, what exactly happens during dental cleaning, and how long does it take to finish? Dr. Sanjay Kumar Vanjarapu, DDS, extensively trained from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and his team provide both preventive and diagnostic services.

So, How Much Time Do You Have To Spare For Dental Cleaning?

Now, the answer to your question. Generally, a dental cleaning session takes about 30 minutes to an hour. The first part includes plaque and tartar removal, and if X-rays have found an underlying issue, the appointment might stretch a bit longer.

5-Step Dental Cleaning Process

It starts with:

  1. Initial Oral Examination
    Dental care specialists start off by taking a good look in your mouth with their tiny mirror. This is to see whether or not there are any issues before moving on to the next steps.
  2. Plaque and Tartar Removal
    Brushing and flossing at home is crucial, but there are some nooks and corners that regular brushing cannot reach. That is where the pros come into play. Dentists wield a scalar to gently remove plaque and tartar that a normal brush cannot.
  3. Polishing Teeth
    Do not worry about the discomfort; only focus on the sparkle you will have on your teeth, literally.
  4. Flossing Between Teeth
    The process wraps up with flossing of your teeth, getting rid of any lingering plaque between the gaps. It is a handy way to spot areas where your gums might be a tad sensitive.
  5. Mouth Rinsing
    Once all the steps are done, a quick swish of water, a bit of suction, and clearing out any leftover tooth polish takes place.

How Often Should You Get Dental Cleaning Done?

The American Dental Association (ADA) states that you should roll in every 6 months. Most dental insurance plans can cover the costs, helping you stick to this schedule.

Why Are Dental Cleanings Important?

You must be concerned about why dental cleanings are so important, even when you brush your teeth every day. They are not just routine sessions; consider them your frontline defense against serious oral health problems. Regular brushing and flossing help remove plaque, but even with meticulous care, there are areas of your mouth that are unreachable. That nook or corner serves as a playground for bacteria and food debris to form plaque that hardens into tartar.

Closing Note

Now that you know dental cleanings do not take long – merely half an hour of your day, why don’t you schedule an appointment at Smile Designs Dentistry? We are here to make sure your oral health stays free of complications. If you have more questions about how we can help, contact us at any of the following locations:

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