Can You Use A Water Flosser With Braces?

December 15, 2023

Braces do more than just enhance your smile; however, maintaining good oral hygiene can be a bit challenging with it, especially when we talk about clearing out those tight spots around brackets and wires. Intentional or unintentional negligence in these areas causes food entrapment and plaque buildup making way for gum disease and tooth decay. But we have a solution for you – the water flosser! It works really well with braces and helps you get rid of debris from those areas that your brush cannot reach. If you are new to this concept, this piece of reading is perfect for you.

How Do Water Flossers Work with Braces?

Water flossers are revolutionary and definitely a game-changer in maintaining oral health for those with braces. Here’s a step-by-step guide to utilize the most out of your water flosser with braces:

  1. Load the Flosser With Water: Fill the reservoir with lukewarm water.
  2. Carefully Select the Intensity: You have the option to choose either intense, medium, or sensitive modes based on your cleaning needs.
  3. Set Your Stream: Nozzle adjustment for pressure control is next up. This ensures a perfect interdental clean.
  4. Set to On-Demand Mode: This feature enhances precision and keeps dental work secure.
  5. Cleans Your Mouth One Step at a Time: Starting from your back teeth, clean them one by one along the gum line. While doing so, ensure the water stream hits each tooth for about two seconds.

Why Is Flossing Important With Braces?

Every bite and sip leaves behind food particles in your mouth, which hide in hard-to-reach places, leading to plaque formation. With braces on, regular brushing might not tackle the gum line as effectively, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. That is where flossing comes into play. It can reach those spots that bristles can’t to eliminate intruders.
Apart from your daily brushing, flossing removes debris between the teeth, preventing issues like bad breath, gum diseases, tooth decay, etc.

Water flossers offer several benefits for people who wear braces:

  1. Gentle on Mouth Tissues: Transforms your gum health without causing discomfort.
  2. Eliminates Debris: Reaches all tiny pits and gaps, making flossing easier.

Yes, we agree that flossing with braces might take longer than usual, but practice makes perfect, and the result is worth it.

Can Water Flossers Replace Traditional Floss?

While a water flosser effectively cleans hard-to-reach spots and is gentler on your gums, it cannot entirely replace traditional floss; it still has its place in exceptionally removing plaque. Combine both water flossing methods and traditional flossing for comprehensive approach. For cleaning, you can use a tapered brush and dental floss. Other than that, if you are sharing a water flosser, follow precautions to ensure hygiene, especially with family or close friends.

Closing Note

In a nutshell, water flossers are a good addition to your oral care regime, especially when you have braces on. Expect your teeth to be squeaky clean even with barbed wires with this incredible device!

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