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Why Are Dental Cleanings Considered Important?

Feb 15, 202460 Views

Dental cleanings are not just for maintaining the squeaky appearance of your teeth but also for maintaining your oral health. Skipping appointments coupled with insufficient oral hygiene can make way for several serious illnesses. Professionally performed dental cleanings are important because they include a detailed physical examination that can detect issues in their early stage […]

How To Find The Right Toothbrush?

Jan 30, 2024100 Views

Brushing teeth is the fundamental pillar on which the entire dental hygiene regime is part of looking after your teeth and gums. With so many different options available in the store, how do you find the right toothbrush for yourself? Tips for Finding the Right Toothbrush Home dental care is incomplete without a proper brush […]

What Does It Mean To Have Hidden Cavities?

Jan 15, 2024134 Views

The thought cavities bring vivid images of black or brown spots on teeth along with throbbing aches and sensitivity. Well, guess what? Although these signs show up together, there are chances you may not suffer from them even with tooth decay. When such is the case, the cavities are known to be hidden. Yes, painless […]

The Dangers Of Smoking With Respect To Tooth Extraction

Dec 30, 2023124 Views

Being set up for tooth extraction is never a delightful experience, whether wisdom teeth or any other molar. Tooth extractions are quick to heal; however, the same cannot be said for smokers. Smoking post-tooth extraction is a strict no-no because there is a risk of developing a painful condition known as dry socket with this. […]

Can You Use A Water Flosser With Braces?

Dec 15, 202397 Views

Braces do more than just enhance your smile; however, maintaining good oral hygiene can be a bit challenging with it, especially when we talk about clearing out those tight spots around brackets and wires. Intentional or unintentional negligence in these areas causes food entrapment and plaque buildup making way for gum disease and tooth decay. […]

How Long Does A Dental Cleaning Session Take?

Nov 30, 2023139 Views

If the thought of sitting on your dentist’s chair for a cleaning session makes you jittery, there is no need to fret. It is quite common to feel this way, but we can assure you that skipping the appointment is not right. Your dental cleaning won’t take long; it does not hurt, and you will […]

Tooth Extraction and Recovery | How Long Do Gums Take To Heal?

Nov 15, 2023119 Views

Dentists pull every string they have to save your tooth; however, there are times when the only solution to get rid of the excruciating pain is by extracting it out. While the mere thought of your tooth being pulled out might seem extreme, considering the healing time afterward; but there are various reasons your dentist […]

The Relationship Between Teeth Grinding and Headaches

Oct 30, 2023197 Views

Have you ever thought about what happens while you are asleep? Well, the obvious ones, like snoring, talking, and sleepwalking, are nothing to be worried about, but teeth grinding is often a cause of concern. If you have been having constant or episodic throbbing headaches lately, excessive teeth clenching may be a cause. Let’s dig […]

Tooth Hurts After Filling? Learn What You Can Do

Oct 15, 2023180 Views

Did you just have a dental filling done or your tooth cavity, and now the tooth feels sensitive? If yes, then there is no need to have a full-blown panic attack. It is quite normal and expected. Steer clear of hot and cold edibles to give your filled tooth enough time to set properly. Any […]

Breath Still Stinks After Brushing? Here’s Why

Sep 30, 2023254 Views

Do people tend to move away as you start speaking to them? Chances are that you have bad breath. We understand that this can be a real confidence crusher. But did you know that even with proper brushing, bad breath can still exist? Yes, you read that right. It is not just about oral hygiene; […]



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