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Root Canal Vs. Extraction – The Wise Choice

May 30, 202444 Views

Waking up with a toothache certainly puts a damper on the rest of your day. While it may be due to harmless reasons like sensitivity, the pain could mean cavities. If it is the latter, do not worry as your dentist has many routes up their sleeve to treat it. If you are confused about […]

Does Normal Socket After Tooth Extraction Look Pink?

May 15, 202486 Views

If you have gotten a tooth pulled out for the first time it is natural to wonder what a normal healing socket after tooth extraction looks and feels like. While some discomfort and swelling are common, you must learn about the signs of normal socket vs. dry socket (a complex post-op complication) for a smooth […]

Are Dental Sealants Worth The Money?

Apr 30, 2024146 Views

Teeth are constantly in contact with sugary foods and drinks, most commonly those bumpy back molars of your child, a playground for cavities. You must have heard people talking about sealants as a protective and preventive measure. Is it true what they say? Are dental sealants really worth the hype? What Are Dental Sealants? Dental […]

11 Signs Showing You Need A Root Canal

Apr 15, 2024208 Views

Severe toothache can turn your happy smile quickly into a frown. Usually, a toothache is more than just leaving a candy to feel better. There are times when deep dental cavities might necessitate the need of a treatment like a root canal done as soon as possible. In this blog, we have detailed 11 signs […]

What To Do When A Tooth Is Cracked In Half But No Sign Of Pain?

Mar 30, 2024164 Views

If your tooth cracked in half but you have no pain, it may lure you to falsely think that there is no need to worry about it. However, your teeth cracking is not like toe stubbing; even without discomfort, it presents a significant risk to your oral health. The Protocol To Follow When Tooth Is […]

What Foods Can You Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Mar 15, 2024204 Views

Since wisdom teeth grow in the later period of life, they often grow at odd angles, resulting in pain or crowding other teeth. Due to less space, toothbrushes usually do not clean the area properly, which leads to infection. If that happens, your dentist might recommend removing them. Although a common surgery, there can be […]

Is A Gum Line Cavity Different From A Regular One?

Feb 29, 2024167 Views

Have you been diagnosed with a cavity on your gum line? Do not worry; there are various treatments available. Both standard and gum line cavities are different, we will address why they grow and ways you can manage them. Cavity Growth on Gum Line It is a type of cavity that shows up between your […]

Why Are Dental Cleanings Considered Important?

Feb 15, 2024169 Views

Dental cleanings are not just for maintaining the squeaky appearance of your teeth but also for maintaining your oral health. Skipping appointments coupled with insufficient oral hygiene can make way for several serious illnesses. Professionally performed dental cleanings are important because they include a detailed physical examination that can detect issues in their early stage […]

How To Find The Right Toothbrush?

Jan 30, 2024244 Views

Brushing teeth is the fundamental pillar on which the entire dental hygiene regime is part of looking after your teeth and gums. With so many different options available in the store, how do you find the right toothbrush for yourself? Tips for Finding the Right Toothbrush Home dental care is incomplete without a proper brush […]

What Does It Mean To Have Hidden Cavities?

Jan 15, 2024293 Views

The thought cavities bring vivid images of black or brown spots on teeth along with throbbing aches and sensitivity. Well, guess what? Although these signs show up together, there are chances you may not suffer from them even with tooth decay. When such is the case, the cavities are known to be hidden. Yes, painless […]



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