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A Mouthful of Trouble: 9 Ways To Treat Swollen Gums Near Wisdom Tooth

May 15, 2023217 Views

There is nothing that compares to dental pain, especially the agony of a wisdom tooth that is just starting to erupt. Whether you’re a teenager or someone in their 20s, you know how excruciating it can be to deal with a half-grown molar. Not to mention, getting stuck with swollen gums near a wisdom tooth […]

What Foods Can You Eat After Going Through A Dental Surgery

Apr 30, 202374 Views

“What can I eat after my surgery?” this question buzzes the ears of the dentists as soon as they discuss the possibility of a tooth being pulled out or other surgeries. As a fellow food enthusiast, we understand your query and have got answers for you. In this blog, we have enlisted 50 + soft […]

How Do I Know That Black Spot On Tooth Is a Cavity or Just a Stain?

Apr 15, 2023417 Views

Screening your teeth daily for day-to-day change on your end is a good habit. This way, you can easily detect issues like plaque or tartar buildup or even a small black spot on your tooth. It is fairly common to have discoloration or staining on your teeth, but a black spot could be a sign […]

All You Need to Know About Dental Abscess After Tooth Extraction

Mar 30, 2023233 Views

You might need to undergo a tooth extraction procedure when there is no other way to treat the issue. Usually, gum and tooth infections are the reasons why tooth extractions are needed. An abscess on the gums is a primary giveaway of an infection. If you notice this pus pocket, you will need immediate dental […]

Can You Get Dry Sockets Even With Stitches?

Mar 15, 2023178 Views

So, you have just undergone a tooth extraction, and you can see that they have used stitches to help the healing process. You might be wondering what stitches have to do with anything. Or does it mean you are safe from the dreaded dry socket? Unfortunately, no. It is possible to develop a dry socket […]

5 Step Dental Filling Process Simplified

Feb 28, 2023186 Views

Dental fillings are common, and most people undergo this at some point in their lives. Whether you want to repair a cavity, fix a chipped tooth, or improve your smile, fillings can help greatly. If you’re scheduled to get one, you may be wondering what the procedure is all about, the dos and don’ts. We […]

Is Infection After A Root Canal Possible?

Feb 15, 2023214 Views

Is infection after a root canal possible? Oh yes, it is possible, though not very common. You see, root canals are a common dental procedure to get rid of tooth pulp infections which involves infected tissue removal. In this blog, we have detailed 9 signs of a budding infection right after you get done with […]

How to Fix Yellow Teeth?

Jan 30, 202365 Views

Have your teeth been looking a little dull lately? There are many causes of discolored or yellow teeth. But, regardless of the reason, the results are the same: heightened self-consciousness! You might find it embarrassing to be expressive with yellow teeth. Hence, keep reading to learn how to get rid of yellow teeth in this […]

Let’s Discuss How to Brush Your Teeth With Braces in 7 Essential Steps

Oct 30, 20221543 Views

Supporting dental braces isn’t exactly anyone’s dream, but it is worth your enhanced smile and improved dental health in the end. Whether you have to wear them for a short period or a long one, it can be challenging to maneuver around them. In addition, you must practice good oral hygiene even more with braces, […]