Dental Implants

Dental Implants
Losing one or more of your natural teeth is not only a cosmetic concern. It affects your oral functions and can cause bite changes. While there are many options available nowadays to replace missing teeth, nothing compares to the sturdiness and durability of a dental implant. At Smile Designs Dentistry, we offer high-grade dental implants in Manteca, CA, that are designed to restore the look and feel of your natural teeth. Our certified professionals will devise the perfect implant treatment for your needs so you can smile and eat without hesitation. If you are considering missing tooth replacement, book a consultation with our expert dentists today.

Learn The Benefits of Dental Implants

Many of our patients in Manteca, CA, consider dental implants because they provide a long-term replacement for missing teeth. They offer many benefits, which include:

  • They anchor firmly in the jawbone and have excellent retention compared to removable dentures.
  • They replace missing or damaged teeth to reform your smile.
  • They restore the look and feel of your natural teeth.
  • They fill in the missing space and correct bite alignment.
  • They improve oral functions, providing ease during biting, chewing, and speaking.
  • If you are missing multiple teeth, they can be used to support bridges or dentures.
  • They support and enhance facial muscles.
  • They prevent bone loss and retain natural, healthy bone.

Eligibility for Dental Implants in Manteca, CA

Most people with missing teeth are considered good candidates for dental implants. However, our dentists will make the ultimate decision after examining your teeth, gums, and jawbone. We will perform a clinical and radiographic assessment to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants in Manteca, CA.

The ideal requirement for dental implant placement is sufficient jawbone. Because implants are drilled into the jawbone, they need enough bone thickness to support them. If your bone is thin or you have suffered from bone loss, we may recommend a bone grafting procedure to enhance treatment success.

Understanding The Process

Implant treatment can be lengthy, but the end results are worth all the wait. Our Manteca, CA, practice utilizes advanced equipment and techniques to make the implant process easier and more convenient. After your initial consultation, our team will schedule a date for implant surgery.

During the surgery, we will drill into the jawbone to make room for the placement of a titanium metal post. It replaces the root portion of the tooth and fuses with the surrounding bone to provide support.

The surgery follows a healing period of 3 to 6 months. Once the implant post has successfully integrated with the jawbone, we will connect it with an abutment and a dental crown to restore your healthy, attractive smile.

Book An Appointment Today

Improving your oral health and smile is our priority, which is why our dentists consider every detail while designing the implant treatment. If you want to have your teeth replaced with dental implants in Manteca, CA, call our Manteca (209) 780-4777 or Pleasanton (925) 234-4421 practice today.

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