Dental X-Rays

Dental XRays
X-rays are an important diagnostic technique for all fields of medicine, including dentistry. Earlier, dental X-rays required bigger machines and took longer to deliver the scanned images. But at Smile Designs Dentistry, we keep up to date with the latest technology to give our patients the best oral care experience. We offer digital dental X-rays in Manteca, CA, that help us study your teeth, gums, and jawbone in much more detail. Using this technique, we can identify dental issues at an early stage and address them with appropriate treatments. If you are in need of a dental X-ray, contact our team today to book an appointment.

Modern vs. Conventional Dental X-rays

A few decades earlier, conventional X-ray machines were used to scan the oral cavity. These machines were bigger, heavier, and much more costly. The biggest disadvantage of traditional X-rays machines was that they emitted strong radiation, which was unsafe for children and pregnant women.

Thanks to the advancements in dentistry, it is now easier to record X-rays using modern devices. These digital devices are lightweight and occupy much less space in a clinic. They emit 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays, making them safe for both children and adults.

Our Manteca, CA, dentists use digital dental X-rays for diagnostic and treatment measures as they provide precise results. They yield high-quality images within seconds that can be viewed easily by both patient and the dentist to understand their dental issues.

Uses of Dental X-rays in Manteca, CA

Dental X-rays help visualize parts of the oral cavity that are not visible during clinical examination. At our practice in Manteca, CA, our dentists record dental X-rays for numerous diagnostic purposes, including:

  • Assessing tooth decay and determining its extent
  • Evaluating the space available for the eruption of permanent teeth
  • Determining the causes of irregular eruption patterns of the teeth
  • Revealing pulp or root-related infections
  • Monitoring gums and jawbone, especially in case of periodontal disease
  • Evaluating bone loss or other bone-related diseases
  • Planning orthodontic treatments, root canals, or oral surgeries
  • Diagnosing impacted teeth, dental abscesses, oral tumors, and other anomalies

What To Expect From The Process?

Digital dental X-rays in Manteca, CA, are quick, efficient, and painless. It will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to record them. There are different types of digital X-rays, among which our dentists will choose based on the condition and position of your teeth.

First, we will place a small sensor in your mouth next to the defective teeth. Our team member will press a button to record the images. Within a few seconds, the scanned images will show up on the computer screen. Our dentists will pinpoint the areas of concern on the X-ray. This also helps you to understand your oral health better and make the right decisions for maintaining it.

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Our friendly team will help you through every step, making you feel comfortable. If you want an advanced dental exam, visit us for high-quality dental X-rays in Manteca, CA. For further assistance, call our Manteca (209) 780-4777 or Pleasanton (925) 234-4421 office today.
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