Is Infection After A Root Canal Possible?

February 15, 2023

Is infection after a root canal possible? Oh yes, it is possible, though not very common. You see, root canals are a common dental procedure to get rid of tooth pulp infections which involves infected tissue removal. In this blog, we have detailed 9 signs of a budding infection right after you get done with a root canal process.

9 Signs of Infection after Getting a Root Canal

Here are some tell-tale signs indicating an infection brewing in your root canal site.

1. Sharp Tooth Pain
Since root canals involve cuts in gums, along with consequent stitches, sharp stinging tooth pain or soreness is inevitable. But this painful feeling should not last more than a few days. However, it could be an infection sign if your discomfort is not going away.

2. Abscess in Tooth
The white pus oozing out of your gums clearly signifies infection, whether or not it is after a root canal. A dental abscess is a common issue that occurs because of bacteria and your dying pulp, forming a pus-filled pocket around the tooth roots.

3. High Fever
An increase in body temperature is a significant indicator of an infection. Your body shows the presence of bacteria with a temperature spike.

4. Bad Breath, Along with Swollen Gums
You have an infection if you constantly suffer from a bad taste in your mouth that seems metallic or salty. Foul mouth odor and gum inflammation further confirm it.

5. Burning Sensation In Gums
You should not be feeling a burning sensation in your mouth, especially your gums, after a root canal. If you feel that your root, in particular, is burning, get in touch with a dentist asap.

6. Tooth Staining
Normally, your tooth is supposed to be white. In the case of a cavity, it looks like a black spot. However, a tooth with an infection visually appears brown or even pale yellow due to the inner enamel layer.

7. Bump on Your Gums
Under usual conditions, your gum tissues are supposed to be flat and fleshy. Any pimple or bump on your gums is a clear-cut sign of infection after your root canal. More so if this bump is filled with fluid.

The issue should resolve within the first 2-3 days; however, if it does not budge after a week of the root canal, it’s one of the clear-cut signs of an infection.

8. Gums Receding from Line
The size of your tooth will change, and they appear taller or larger than others when the gum starts to recede from its line.

9. Lack of Energy
Returning to normal life means dealing with day-to-day problems with the same energy. If you do not feel good after your treatment, contact your dental care expert for some advice.

Final Take Out

Do not scare away from a root canal. It is the best treatment to deal with cavities and save the tooth as well. Granted, it has baggage of complications, but appropriate aftercare eliminates the risks.
If you’re experiencing any post-procedure issues, don’t panic! Just call the dentist from Smile Designs Dentistry, and they’ll take care of it in no time. Dial (925) 234-4421 Pleasanton or (209) 780-4777 for Manteca.

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